Nifong’s actions are inexplicable only if you assume that his purpose was to get at the truth about what actually happened at the party where the stripper claimed to have been raped.

That assumption has never been made in this column. From day one, I have never believed that this case was about rape, about the Duke lacrosse players or about the “exotic dancers” or strippers.

District Attorney Nifong’s actions are perfectly consistent and logical from start to finish, once you see that this case is about Nifong’s own career.

That’s Doctor Thomas Sowell who has graduated to the obvious. This is exactly what this blog, and a few zillion others, said on day one of this nonsense.

It’s time for Nifong to see jail time, my freinds… and for his employer to be seeking an out of court settlement with the young men involved, so as not to have the taxpayers paying even more money, trying to defend itself against it’s own DA’s actions.


I think it may be a while before residents of that county elect another Democrat.


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One Response to “The Real Issue At Duke”

  1. I rise not to defend Mike Nifong but to raise yet a darker more ominous issue.  Nifong is playing a racist because Durham is a racist town, and Nifong felt he had to be a racist to get re-elected.  Durham reflects the synegy between black anger and liberal white guilt.  Nifong come across as a racist, but also comes across as a product of his community.  Sadly the problem of an out of control prosecutor is fixable and it appears to on the way being fixed.  One only hopes.

    The problem of a racist community is a much larger and infinitely more unfixable problem.  For one, a large part of our national community deny the very idea that blacks are even capable be being racists.

    From what I can gather abour Durham it is a morally ugly community. As alway, keep reading K.C. Johnson.