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[cue the Addams’ Family theme]

Ok the  photo a mug shot and mug shots look creepy.  This just plain looks creepy.   Non custodial kidnapping for companionship are rare but inherently strange stories.  Recall the Elizabeth Smart kidnapping.   It is not easy to understand such kidnapping where purported victim stays in plain sight.  I do not offer one.

The Shawn Hornbeck kidnapping appears to be even stranger than the Smart one.  Reallly hard to say, because families, for natural reasons, try to keep the details from ever emerging.

The victim appears to have had is own personal web page, complete with picture.   Apparently the kidnapper left the Hornbeck family messages on their web page.

Steve Huff runs CrimeBlog.US,  Huff may the the K.C. Johnson of the Hornbeck case.  In any case, Huff seems a very prudent and careful blogger who has assembled quite bit information on the case.

One, I don’t profess understand all the information Huff has gathered, and two I simply don’t care to try.   However don’t let me stop you from trying.

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