Shawn Hornbeck and mother


Now I don’t put too much faith the supposed Stockholm Syndrome.  Yet as Brian Masters writes, in the Daily Mail(UK) the case is simply “Beyond Reason:”

The case of Shawn Hornbeck is, so far, utterly baffling. 

Rescued by police from a four-year imprisonment in the house of a stranger, this normal, healthy, cheerful 15-year-old boy should be traumatised and stunted by his experience.

I think psychologists use the phrase Stockholm Syndrome to mean that they are baffled.   As am I.


2 Responses to “The Missouri Kidnappings: Beyond Reason”

  1. Thing is, that if we were dealing with Stockholm syndrome as the psychologists originally described it to us, years ago, he’d be having problems from having been pulled OUT of the environment he’s been living in the past few years.

  2. Color be baffled.  Shawn Hornbeck seem very comfortable living as Shawn Devlin and now seem comfortable to back home.  I have yet to hypothesise a scenario which could account for this.

    Here is another aspect to ponder.  All those Amber alerts, and missing children alerts, are they any good.  Various people saw both Shawn’s missing person poster and Shawn but never made the connection.  If the Kirkwood PD going rethink how they went at the case, maybe th John Walsh’s need rethink how they go about finding missing children.  A lot didn’t work here.

    On the bummer side, for reasons I don’t know this case reminds me of Kalli Ann Poulton.  I had her flier on my car window, read side, or weeks, all the time she was dead.  In that case the perp living in the same apartment complex.