clinton-hillary_arafat_suha.jpg(H/T photo:  Moonbattery )

Both Lady Thatcher and Ronald Reagan proved that national leaders can both be amiable and tough.

Now Mrs. Clinton, shown kissing Suha Aratfat, is trying to reverse that proposition and infer that because she is cold that somehow she should be percieved as if she were tough.  Nobody is more unlikable than Mrs. Clinton.   So given that Mrs. Clinton can never get the voters to like her, she is trying to play her coldness as if it were toughness.  Witness her stooge’s, Terry McAuliffe, silly attempt not make an analogy between Mrs. Clinton and Lady Thatcher.

If have any doubt that Mrs. Clinton can be cold hearted and mean, just has the former staff of the White House travel office. and any of B.J.’s bimbos.   Yet a woman who will not defend the sancity of her own marriage can not depended on to defend her country from  nutcases like Mahmoud Ahmedinejad.

Mark Steyn, via Nation Review Online has more.:

There’s a world of difference between the politics of personal destruction and the geostrategic kind. Beating up breast-cancer survivors is no indication you’ll do the same to Ahmadinejad or Kim Jong-Il. 

(H/T:  Paul, Powerline.)

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