Once again, we see the only language the extremists within Islam understand: Power.

KISMAYO, Somalia -AP- Somali government troops backed by Ethiopian tanks and fighter jets captured the last major stronghold of a militant Islamic movement Monday, while hundreds of Islamic fighters — many of them Arabs and South Asians — fled the town.

To cheering and waving crowds, well-armed troops drove into Kismayo after clearing roads laced with land mines that had been left by an estimated 3,000 hard-line Islamic fighters fleeing a 13-day military onslaught by government troops backed by Ethiopian tanks and MiG fighter jets.

Ummmm… wait a tick… land mines?  Didn’t the United Nations ban their use just a short time ago?  It would appear that somebody’s not abiding by U.N. resolutions. (Snicker)
And the presence of Arabs in this mix, tends to confirm something that I thought quite a while ago, in fact I predicted that by year’s end this would be happening; the Arabs involved are clearly in Somalia, because they were not able to successfully ply their trade closer to home, in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In any event, the exit of these extremists, would appear to signal a way to deal with them; Kicking butt.

Oh, wait… don’t tell the Democrats.

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