First Jamil Hussein and now Eason Jordan.   What gives?

Yesterday Bit wrote:

If we’re to take the reports from AP at face value, it would appear that Jamil Hussein, That mysterious, erstwhile “informed source” over in Iraq …. the one who fed the Associated Press (by their claim, at least) a long series of highly questionable reports, has resurfaced

Now Rusty Shacklord, Jawa Report, writes “Eason Jordan (!) Demands Panel Investigate AP:”

We’ll see how long it lasts, but the stonewalling of the AP regarding the Jamil Hussein scandal has gotten so bad that Eason Jordan (yes, that Eason Jordan) is even demanding that the AP appoint an independent panel to investigate and uncover the truth here,

I have conflicting reactions here.  First, who is Eason Jordan to criticize anybody for refusing to uncover the truth?   Jordan’s journalist reputation, such as it is, is based on a stubborn refusal to report the news.

Second, apparently the Associated Press’ reputation has sunk so low that even Eason Jordan feel qualified to lecture AP on how to run her business.

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4 Responses to “Pot, Kettle, Black”

  1. Clearly, a rehab effort on Jordan’s part.

  2. Thousand miles, journy, step.

  3. Perhaps, David.
    My first reaction is to question Blair’s sincerity, and beyond that…
    You may recall there was some question on his sanity back in the day, so that enters the discussion as well.


  1. Flopping Aces