Viewers of the State of the Union address are giving the president generally good marks — according to some instant surveys — which we must point out generally favor whoever is president.

A CNN poll of 370 viewers found a total of 78 percent viewed the speech as “positive” or “very positive” — and 20 percent “somewhat” or “very negative.”

In a much less scientific survey here at FOX, we asked viewers to text message us their reactions. 84 percent rated the speech as “excellent” — four percent said “good,” and 10 percent said “poor.”

That’s Britt Hume of Fox, tonight. Ummm. Democrats… why are you still trying to paint the Presdient as a failure?

Now, this changes nothing about what I said earlier tonight to Mr. Bush in this evening’s Ramble… because simply put, the Democrats will still be trying to stick it to the guy, no matter WHAT the American people think.. ANd if you think I’m kidding, consider what’s happened since 9/11.

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