* Cold here in Rochester… didn’t get above 25 today, which is about correct for this time of year, but it’s the first really cold day we’ve seen this season.

* I see California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is asking for federal disaster aid, due to 3/4 of the orange crop being wiped out. Now, I heard about this as I was pumping gas into BitsBox. So, I naturally tied the two things together. Now, we’re being told citrus will get quite expensive because of the misfortunes of the orange growers. We see this as a natural consequence of the ebbs and flows of business, particularly those involving some natural commodity.

So, the question:, If the Oil companies had a complete wipe out of their supply due to some sort of natural happening, would they get federal aid?

* There was a derailment around these parts last night, which is causing an awful lot of chatter in our immediate neighborhood today. I won’t bother linking to it because most of you couldn’t care less. But the CSX railroad is having a down week, by any stretch of imagination. Just for the last several days that had three different major derailments, one of them, in Kentucky, was a chemical spill, next to an elementary school. I’ve got to believe that the weather is playing a serious role in this.

* I’d like you to check out a discussion on currently having with Steve over at OTB, as regards no-knock warrants. Specifically, I’d like you to pay attention to the comments of that thread. I think Steve , hard as he’s trying, is in fact, doing his argument a disservice by mislabeling the problem.

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