Some short shots here as I shiver a bit from the cold:

* It occurs to me that Michael Devlin could run for Congress. He seems uniquely qualified. The True Crime Blog has some additions to that case, by the way, and has been feeding us hits all day, pretty much, since David put up his Devlin post. Here’s the return of the favor.

*Speaking of Hits, I see Memeorandum has again linked us. I’m grateful.  Between the two of them, we’ve had a outstanding day, hit-wise.
* The ice storm left a lot less ice than they were predicting in our part of the woods, but a bit more to the east of us in the Syracuse area. Apparently the ice caused a 30 car pileup on I-81 around Mattydale, and caused three deaths over to Senett which is around 20 miles this side of Syracuse, on US20. Could have been much much worse. The real deal, though is going to be when this cold snap breaks… which is when the wind will come up, and we’ll lose some trees… and power lines.

* Oops. Dd you notice that Paul Pelosi owns 17 million in DelMonte Stock? Yes, the same DelMonte exempted from Pelosi’s minimum wage hikes? John Hawkins did. So did Riehl and Bruce. Gee, now why would they want to exempt the company that they owned from that manditory pay hike? Do you suppose it was because they knew that company would do better, and likely wouldn’t hurt the workers?  Not through the 100 hours yet, and Pelosi already has a scandal on her hands… as if the ones the members under her provided were not enough. Culture of corrption, indeed.

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