Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. -George Santayana

It fascinates me, that so many people expected change for the better when the Democrats to power , at the first of the year.  Of course, it hasn’t worked out that way.
Still if wishes were horses ….

As an example; there were a number of people who figured that racism would be lessened with the Democrats in power and yet we see coming out of Washington this evening this, from Brit Hume.

Some conservative African-Americans are criticizing Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank for characterizing the post-Katrina reconstruction as a type of “ethnic cleansing” by Republicans. Cybercast News Service reports Frank said: “What they (Republicans) recognize is they’re in this happy position for them where if the federal government does nothing, Louisiana will become whiter and richer…they get the hurricane to do the ethnic cleansing and their hands are clean.”  Niger Innis of theCongress of Racial Equality says that if a Republican had made a similar statement “it would have been on the front page of The New York Times… and Katie Couric would do a special segment on it.”  And Michael Massie, national chairman of the conservative black group Project 21, says Frank’s comments were “as reprehensible and as insulting as anything he has said or done in his “‘debaucherous'(sic) career.”

Then, we see again the Sean Bell case as mentioned here.

Well, OK. I guess racism isn’t going to come to an end anytime soon, under the Democrats.

We were told by these true believers going into November, that under the democrats, the corruption problem in Washington would come to an end .  We heard endlessly about how the Republicans were responsible for the “culture of corruption”.

Well, wait a minuteThat can’t be right. I see Ted Kennedy still has an office, too.  So does Conyers. Well so much for clearing up corruption, under the Democrats…they simply brought it with them, I guess.

We were told by these true believers going into November that under the democrats we have a secure America.  Apparently, their version of the secure America’s where we cheer for the people who work tirelessly for our destruction.  Apparently that’s not going to be what we are told it would be, either.

Then, those true believers in the democratic party, back in November were telling us how was going to be bipartisanship.  Apparently, that went away too, once the election was completed.

We were told, how popular the Congress run by the Democratic party would be.  Currently, that didn’t work out, either.

By now, you will gather that I was surprised by none of this.  This, however, was precisely the reason I gave so many people a very hard time about wanting to induce more democrats into the government, for whatever reason.  This would include one person who is currently working supposedly for the republican party.  (We’ll see how effective that is as we go forward.  )

I suppose I could understand the level of surprise coming from some centrists, about how this whole thing is starting to shake out, if there wasn’t such a large amount of rather pervasive history showing us precisely what would happen.  Oh, and the number of people who were pointing out that history saying it was about to repeat itself, if some centrists didn’t wise up.

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