* Last night, As I was coming out of work, I notice that the trees were still covered from the days freezing rain fall.  I was taken with the way the light played with the ice.  So… here’s a couple. They’re fairly high res, so drill to get the full size.

Now, the camera itself is a fair enough unit, but I never expected it to produce stuff like this. I got home and proceeded to take a pic of Molly. Molly, is our most recent owner. (Everyone knows you don’t own a cat, they own YOU.)


When I got done, I found several pictures I’d taken since the day I got the thing, most at lower resolution. This one however, stood out, from the day trip Donna and I took last November, on our annual anniversary day trip This is Taughannock Falls, which is the highest free waterfall in NY, beating out Niagara by several feet. The mist you see is actually cloud cover; it was a very rainy day. I loved the effect.

Here’s another pic, taken on a drier day from the same angle, with Taughannock looking a lot less mysterious: