* I’m still in “new toy” mode with the new TV set.  I don’t know how long this is going to last but I haven’t had this much fun with a new piece of equipment in years.  Saturday, will run down and see we can do about getting the high definition cable box, which on the cable system we’re on is no extra charge.  I’d have done it before,it’s just that I haven’t had the time during the day to run down to the shop and get it.  Saturday afternoon and evening are going to prove interesting.

The first snow of the winter, has come, and gone , all inside of about 48 hours.  It got up to the middle forties today again.  There’s still snow, as it happens, to the south end to the west of this and, along the eastern edge of lake Ontario north of Syracuse on I-81; what we around here call Tug Hill.  I can’t imagine that that’s going to be the extent of the snow will get this winter, but it does remind me what a pain in the backside it is.

That’s OK, I’ll just stay home and watch the new TV.

* Had about three and a half hours with a cleanup work tonight on the local network, because one of my backup routines get away from me.  The five desktops in the house nightly dump their entire desks to their own separate directories upon the big server, and then I back up the directory on the server from there, thereby backing up the entire house in one job.  Only trouble was, that one of them decided that they were going to not keep to the schedule I had established for erasing the old backups.  The result was I had 30 copies of one of my desktops on the server, and about 4:00 this afternoon the drive filled to beyond capacity and crashed the server.

The odd part was, that was about five minutes work once I actually managed to get the poor thing to boot up.   Oh well, sometimes those jobs are like that.

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