It’s been an extraordinarily long day at work, and I am overtired, so I’m probably not going to write a great deal in this night’s ramble.  I hope you’ll understand that I’ll run into these days once in a while.

I see Q&O caught it again. One of their readers says Protein Wisdom is down, but that doesn’t appear to be a hack.  Maybe, I don’t know.  I wonder if they managed to get IP addresses off of the attacks?  Franks mentions, in his little massive, that it took about an hour and half for the steady traffic to brute- force the FTP password on the site.  If thery’re recording IP addresses, it would seem simple enough to pick it up somebody hitting you for an hour and half straight.

Anyway, I wish them luck.  I’ve had to pick up sites, both commercial and noncommercial, after a hacker attacks.  I know what a pain in the butt that can be.


Joyner says:

I’ve received two BREAKING NEWS alerts from CNN in my inbox today:

    “Congress convened today with Democrats in control of both the House and Senate for the first time in a dozen years.” (12:06)”California Democrat Nancy Pelosi has become the first woman to be elected speaker of the United States House of Representatives.” (1:33)

It’s called ‘promoting the home team’, James.  I hope you didn’t honestly think it was going to go any other way.  By the way, that’s why I gave up on those alerts from CNN years ago.


I noticed John Gibson, this evening, extending the comments that David made earlier this morning;

Boy wonder Rahm Emanuel led the Democrats takeover of the House. For months now, he no doubt watched TV news with undisguised pleasure as Cindy Sheehan screeched at Bush, camped in front of his ranch, and wandered around the world inventing fresh insults to throw at him.

Now she is Rahm Emanuel’s problem. Welcome to the chaos of the angry left, Mr. Congressman. You used these people to whip up fervor against the war and against Bush. Congratulations. It worked. And now she is yours.

Just so.  And what do the Democrats DO….in that situation?  If they can’t tell to the guano left, they lose all the moderates, and the crossovers.  Thereby, they will lose the next election.  If they don’t, they lose their base.

This is precisely the phenomenon that I was talking about a few years ago, with regards to libertarian purists.  In that case, of course, I was talking about the opposite end of the spectrum.  Either way, this is going to be an excellent and highly educational example of what happens when the extremists rule the day.

As David has said repeatedly, this is going to be an interesting couple of years.


A story posted very early this morning, doesn’t surprise me at all, but it does that mean shaking my head a bit.

It turns out that bill Clinton’s signed a letter which authorized Sandy “Stuffed Pants” Berger, access to classified documents, that turned out later to be missing.  This afternoon intensive investigation by the national archives and records administration.

Now; what were these documents about again?  These were the sensitive drafts of the national security council’s “millennium after action review” which coverage among other things the Clinton administration’s handling of al-Qaida terror threats back in December of 1999.

Seems to me, rather clear, that Mr. Berger was trying to make incriminating evidence disappear.  I say incriminating, because I honestly think there was some criminal activity going on here; criminal negligence.  I am firmly convinced now, and have been since day one, that Bill Clinton knew about the AQ threat, but chose to do nothing.


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  1. Did you mean to say that B.J. Clinton was for a Nine-Ten policy, before there was a Nine-Ten ?


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