* it’s COLD up here in the Flower City, and we’re getting snow, pretty regularly now.  About 5in. on the ground in my front yard.  Predictions are replaced a few more before the end of this week.  Warmest temperature; the thirties on Friday.  Yeccch.

* The democrats are continuing to make political hay out of the Scooter Libby trial.  Interesting, how they’re not trying him on what he was originally charged with; that being leaking the name of Valerie Plame.  Make no mistake about it; what they’re doing is a political show trial.

* I’ll be watching the state of the union, of course.  Most likely I’ll not blog about it, until I read it tomorrow morning.  Or perhaps tomorrow afternoon depending on how the day works.  Tomorrow has every indication of being crazy.  I do understand that he’s planning on talking about immigrant assimilation; which is to say to “teach them to speak English.” Now if the president would only use that kind of tone of throughout, we’d be better off.

* Currently having lots of fun with my new Palm Pilot.  Got a good deal on some memory.  It turns out the MP3 player on it sounds better than my actual, stand-alone MP3 player.  Randomizes better, too.
*I notice that the sergeant at arms of the United States Senate made a visit to BitsBlog this afternoon.  About 2:00 or so, local time. Seems they’re interested in blogging reaction to the Omaba / Madrassa story, which I commented on here this morning. I’m less than convinced this is above board.

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