Some added pictures from the New Years Day celebrations over Niagara Falls, last night.

Sorry I was so brief in my description last night, as you can imagine I was rather tired.  I should make mention that these were taken from under the structure at Prospect Point.

I’m sure the structure was intended as an overlook to the falls, and it does a wonderful job at that, but it looks more like to half finished bridge than anything else.  Here’s a fairly decent picture of it swiped from a tourist site, taken from the Canadian side.  AS you look at the thing, I would be standing on the walkway, underneath. Mostly, I was shooting from there because of the rain. But also, because the angle is flat out perfect. (Perspective: Further to the background, perhaps a half mile, is the Rainbow bridge.)

I’ve tried taking fireworks pictures in the past, but have found that without a tripod it is nigh on useless, every single picture comes of a jumbled mess.  In this case because of a Christmas present from my older boy I came fully equipped for the task.


img_0021.jpg img_0023.jpgimg_0026.jpgimg_0024.jpgimg_0022.jpgimg_0028.jpgimg_0029.jpgimg_0027.jpg

I did manage to put some video together, too... and here it is.

one of the things I found interesting about the video that is not revealed very well in the still shots, is the number of flashbulbs going off of the Canadian side.  Apparently, the concept that flash bulbs and fireworks don’t mix hasn’t quite sunk in.

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