* My wife has been complaining for several weeks now, that it’s too warm here in Rochester.  “There’s no snow”, she complains, Telling me repeatedly that she likes winter she likes the snow and so on.  She’s been getting our wish the last couple of days, current temperature outside in Rochester is 14°, it’s supposed to be getting no higher than 26 tomorrow.  At the moment we have perhaps 2in. of snow on the ground.

So, of course, for the last couple of days I’ve been told about how it’s too cold.  (Shrug)

* Many thanks to John Hawkins for using HIS blog to direct attention at BitsBlog.

*The other day I noted a hit from the Senate Sgt at arms office.  In truth, I’ve been noting an increase in traffic from both houses of Congress , and the occasional hit from the DNC.

Bruce noticed similar hits and made mention of it this morning.

I know that OTB has gotten similar hits, because a couple of them came from this site.  Bruce also reports similar hits today.  He also says he’s not suggesting anything sinister by it.

I’m not ready to suggest anything sinister yet, either, but there is enough of a pattern here to raise some eyebrows.  I’ve noticed a serious increase since November of traffic from such sources .  My take is they’re watching, and watching closely what goes on in the world of blogs.  As I said to Bruce today:

My thought is that one indicator already leans that way…. that being the timing of the increase in traffic coming from those networks…. so soon after the Democrat takeover, and almost in phase with talk of blog regulation, ala ‘Fairness Doctrine’…

The other is that they show up at MY place at ALL.

Look… Not that Bitsblog isn’t good and all, and does OK for hits, and has it’s moments… but let’s be honest…I’m not getting a daily hit rate near to what this place or some others… OTB, or RWN,for example, get.

The sudden interest in my little place, and an even number of hist elsewhere… your place, for one… from such sources… is suggestive to my mind of someone being quite comprehensive in their examinations of what is going on in blogdom. AS such, I cannot believe that we’d be alone in this. It seems clear to me that there’s a comprehensive effort going on. At the least, it would explain quite a bit.

I don’t know what the next indicators would be, but I’ll know them when I see them.

And why what all this be a concern?  Mostly because I wouldn’t put it past the democrats to make such a move as to limit free speech on blogs, any more than I would put it past them to limit free speech anywhere else, for example, talk radio.

Something of a history there.

* You will recall the I had ordered some memory for my new camera phone.  It is absolutely amazing to me that we are fitting a full gigabyte of memory onto so small a footprint. It’s about half the size of a penny.  Actually, they are now selling that small with 2GB on it. However, other developments have overtaken the situation.

My wife in her wisdom decided that I was to have a replacement for my trusty Palm 505.I’m apparently getting disorganized and my old age, ignoring the fact that I’ve never been overly organized in the first place.  It makes one wonder how I managed to get by what programming tasks I have, programming being a talent that outright requires an organized mind.  In any event the old one needed replacement because of the tragic event; it got fried by a faulty power supply.  Oh, well… 6 years old and all… and I bought it used in the first place.

Palm Tungston E2What she got to replace it, is actually quite a machine.  She got me another Palm, this time a Tungsten E2. Yes, I know there are more capable machines out there, but I have a rather substantial investment in Palm software and what not that runs on the Palm, and I really prefer sticking with something that’ll use what I already have.

Anyway; The same day as she got me this new Palm, the memory for the telephone showed up.  Interesting; Inside the package with the memory was an adapter to allow the micro SD chip (which the phone takes) to fit into a regular SD slot which the Palm uses. This allows me the flexibility of walking the huge chunk of memory between the Palm pilot and the phone.  I’ll leave it to your imagination, the flexibility that gives me.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for the 2gb CompactFlash memory that we ordered for the Cannon Sureshot A95 .

Something tells me this is going to be a fun summer.

* Oh, speaking of summer, we’re in the process of planning our summer trips.  Assuming that we don’t see $5.00 gallon gasoline were going to be taking the camper out at least a few times this season.  Where, remains to be seen as yet.  Among the possible destinations is West Virginia, Cape Hatteras, Indiana and Illinois, and Nashville. my wife is one that doesn’t like to plan these things too far in advance, whereas I mean time already have the mileage and cost matrix nailed down for each possibility.  So, while I have a pretty good idea what it’s going to cost us, I still have no idea what we’re going, nor will I until the time comes.  Perhaps it’s just as well, if I knew or we were going this far in advance, I’d probably are researching to death and by the time we got there I’d know the place well enough that I’d be bored with it.  I really am looking forward, however, to getting the trailer back and getting out and about.

* I see Mark Finkelstein over at Newsbusters has some serious questions about the video I mentioned earlier this morning.  Now mind, I hadn’t seen the video.  Frankly I don’t have the stomach to watch the woman at all, much less declaring for the presidency.  But Mark has put up the video, and notes that the world outside the window where she taped her announcement, is looking remarkably Summer- like.  So, right from the get go, the woman is lying to us. She had this announcement in the can for months.  I guess that’s no surprise. I mean, who would have thought that Hillary Clinton would lie to us?

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2 Responses to “Nightly Ramble:Cold, Bold, And Memory”

  1. Well the video spot was very difficult to produce.  In itl, Mrs. Clinton appears relaxed and friendly.  It very hard for a person has cold and impersonal as Mrs. Clinton to appear at ease.  The Lord only knows how many takes it took to shoot the piece.  Weing nice and warm is very hard emotion for Mrs. Clinton to feigh.  Once she got the video in the e-can, you could hardly expected her toss.

    The fact that the scenery is greee could mean that Mrs Clinton was planning a summer time annoucemeent.  She paniced because of the emergence of Barack Usama Obama.


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