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Liberals are Dumb

Yes everybody know liberalism damages the brain.   However it still fun to examine the evidence every so often.  This peach comes from the blogospheric Mecca of liberalism, via Memeorandum [1],  [M]cjoan of the Daily Kos [2],   This brain dead liberal thinks he has the smoking gun to impeach Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

A reader transcribed this exchange concerning habeas corpus from today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings (no official transcript yet):  

Specter: Now wait a minute, wait a minute. The Constitution says you can’t take it away except in the case of invasion or rebellion. Doesn’t that mean you have the right of habeas corpus?

Gonzales: I meant by that comment that the Constitution doesn’t say that every individual in the United States or every citizen has or is assured the right of habeas corpus. It doesn’t say that. It simply says that the right of habeas corpus shall not be suspended.

Article I, Section 9:

The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.

Alberto Gonzales should not only be impeached for his willfully obtuse interpretations of the Constitution, he should be disbarred.

Well I quess that liberals have spent so much time and effort attempting reduce the Right to Keep and Bear Arms from a right to mere priviledge, that some can no longer discern the difference.

Now I grant that Arlen Spector isn’t exactlly a ball of fire on the actual language of the Constitution, but noboby calling Spector a conservative either.