DeWayne Wickham A tale of two homocides, which left two black men dead.    Ten of thousand protested the death of Sean Bell.   Wheras his fellow citizens seemed rather unmoved by the death of  Kevin West.

The difference?   Bell died at the hands of the police.  West by unidentified member of his community.  Yet both are equally dead. 

In the USA Today, DeWayne Wickham asks, “Where’s the outrage over black-on-black killings?

Let me put this another way: The number of blacks killed in 2005 in this one homicide category alone approaches the total of all the blacks lynched in this country from 1882 to 1968, according to records maintained by Tuskegee University.

So why aren’t black leaders taking up this fight? Why do so many turn out to decry the death of one black man at the hands of some cops, but no mass rallies take on the deaths of thousands of blacks who are slaughtered by other blacks?

More:  Baltimore Crime.

Appendum:  La Shawn Barber is mad:


Why did certain blacks in Durham, North Carolina, rally around a black stripper claiming to have been gang raped by three white men but virtually ignore the more destructive trend of black-on-black crime in their midst? (Duke blogger KC Johnson elaborates on blacks’ deafening silence about the latest developments in the so-called rape case.)

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