If we’re to take the reports from AP at face value, it would appear that Jamil Hussein, That mysterious, erstwhile “informed source” over in Iraq …. the one who fed the Associated Press (by their claim, at least) a long series of highly questionable reports, has resurfaced. Curt at Flopping Aces picks up the tale:

Here we go again with the AP.  Coalition forces had a firefight today in Baghdad in which they killed six of the enemy.  During the fight two buildings caught fire:

Coalition Forces killed six terrorists and detained one suspected terrorist during a fierce firefight Monday morning in Baghdad.Intelligence reports indicated the targeted location was used as a possible safe house for al-Qaida in Iraq terrorists to conduct operational planning.

While approaching the targeted area, Coalition Forces received heavy automatic weapons fire and hand grenades from the top of several nearby buildings.  Coalition Forces returned fire killing two terrorists.  Several armed men fled to a third building.

Coalition Forces received fire from the top of the third building and they returned fire.  Coalition Forces were able to establish a foothold in one of the adjacent buildings.

Due to the heavy amount of enemy fire received two buildings caught on fire.

While receiving heavy automatic weapons fire from many directions, Coalition Forces managed to kill four more terrorists and detain one.

One of the buildings from which Coalition Forces received heavy enemy fire, including grenade launches, was later identified as belonging to Dr. Salih al-Mutlaq al-Dulaymi, the Chairman for the Iraqi National Dialogue Council.

But the AP, using a “anonymous” police source now (cough), print how the police say it was a airstrike:

But police described the incident as an airstrike that killed four members of a family and wounded a guard outside al-Khafaji’s house. A man at the scene said a guard at al-Mutlaq’s office was also killed, but the police could not confirm his account.

AP Television News video showed rubble in the area and what appeared to be a long smear of blood from a body dragged across the floor. Walls in the buildings were pitted with marks apparently from bullets and shrapnel.

How much you want to bet this “police” official is another “Jamil Hussein”?

Yes, that would tend to make the most sense out of anything that we could come up with. Curt has quite a bit more in the story and you should go over and see what he has; apparently this kind of fraud is not limited to the Associated Press.

Then again, why should it be?  After all the kind of leftist, anti-American bias that we’ve seen here at home hasn’t been limited to the AP, either.

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