Andy McCarthy…

The Times is flat dishonest in its campaign against subjecting enemy combatants to military proceedings, which the Grey Lady passes off as a page-one news article.  Correspondent Tim Golden writes:

Under a law passed by Congress and signed by President Bush in October, this double-wide trailer may be as close to a courtroom as most Guantánamo prisoners ever get. The law prohibits them from challenging their detention or treatment by writs of habeas corpus in the federal courts. Instead, they may only petition a single federal appeals court to examine whether the review boards followed the military’s own procedures in reviewing their status as “enemy combatants.”  [Emphasis added.]

It’s hard to quantify how inaccurate (and, one is compelled to conclude, disingenuous) this is.

Quite so, Andy, but this is the kind of slant we’ve come to expect from the New York Times, as I suggested yesterday.  indeed, we should stop making note of it every time the New York Times lies. They do it often enough that it’s hardly newsworthy.    It should, or rather, be newsworthy when they actually tell the truth.  As we see here, i If it supports liberal politics, the Times is all for it.  Regardless of how many times they have to lie to get the idea out.

Andy really hands them their buttocks on this one… justifiably so. Go and read, and you’ll see what’s got me agitated.

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