duke.jpgThe first law of holes is to stop digging.   Well it seems eighty-seven professors at Duke have failed to grasp that lesson.   Last spring a group of eighty-eight Duke professors can an adverstisement condemning the social climate at Duke.

 Well not content to lie mistake by bygones or to better yet atone for them, a group of eighty-seven, largely the same, professors have issued a letter, not to apologize, but rather to attack the blogger who “misinterperted” their ad.

The priceless K.C. Johnsn, Durham-in-Wonderland, explains the “Rump:”

Two hundred ninety-five days after issuing their statement, the Group of 88 has re-emerged, in a defiant statement posted yesterday.

It appear that not only is Durham a socially sick city,  Duke is socially sick institution.

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