duke.jpgYes the first escort has changed her story, yet again.   I think by this stage, it no longer matters what her story is, because none of her verisions are credibile.   Even the New York Times is piling on the escort

There is another question.  Now that Crystal Gail Mangum’s credibility has been destroyed, her prior rape accusations exposed, criminal record made public, and feminists have abandoned her cause, why is the MSM still protecting her name?  There was no rape,   There is no rape victim which to shield.

Mr. Nifong and Ms Mangum have dragged Dave Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann’s good names through the mud for the last several months.  Ms Mangum, it is time for this travesty to stop.

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2 Responses to “Duke Faux Rape”

  1. Well, as I suggested, earlier, the reason that the press is basically nowhere to be found on this is because the case exposes yet another Democrat’s corruption.

    Anything that threatens Democrat power must be elimited; that is the goal of the main stream media, anymore… and this case shows that quite clearly.  Observe closely, how as you suggest, the NYT attacks the female ‘victim’, but not the Democrat calling the shots…. Nifong.



  2. Bit. we have got takes here, both right. The MSM media, as you noted, is soft on ‘rats. Also true is that much of the political establishment and the media has a problem with men. Both ideas are right. One case, two issues. Pursuing the social angle does not reflect any disagreement with your take.

    Well I will concede if Mangum had accused B.J. Clinton of the rape, the ilk of Susan Estrick would have been all over her like grease on a Garbage Plate.