Mrs. Clinton is trying to manage a dilemma.   She is both trying to portray  herself as the second coming of Lady Thatcher all the while riding her husband’s coat tails to the White House.

Michael Medved, on Townhall, examines Mrs. Clinton’s dilemma:

Anthropologist Margaret Mead, a popular professor during my years at Yale in the late 1960’s, frequently challenged students with her famous formulation that “the biggest problem for any society is to try to decide what on earth to do with its men.”


Along the same lines, the biggest problem for the current Hillary-for-President juggernaut is trying to decide what on earth to do with Bill.

Mrs. Clinton’s basic problem is that she is a phony(*), and American voters don’t vote for phonies.   Maybe Mrs. Clinton needs to find just the right shade of Power Pink? 

(Alternate titiles:  Kill Bill (Part IIIl  What to do about Bill )

 *  Yeah its a SNL video but it rings true.


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