castro_fidel.jpgCuba is neither a free nor open society.   Yet Cuba is home to the left’s most adored healthcare system.   A healthcare system which seems to killing its revered leader.   If Fidel Castro is actually still alive, and dies, I for one will not be less than heartbroken.  On the other hand, Jimmy Carter may be inconsolable.

Count Sister Toldjah as among those who is less than impressed  by Cuba “free” heathcare system.  She say that Cuba’s heathcare system medical treatment of Castro, “apparently only made him sicker:”.

Well, the Commie lovers who talked up Cuba’s healthcare system in glowing terms won’t be pleased to read this about Castro nor the medical treatment he received for intestinal illness, treatment which appears to have made his condition worse:

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One Response to “Castro’s Surgery Botched?”

  1. “Jimmy Carter may be inconsolable.”

    I’m probably the only one who didn’t see this photoshop ’til tonight, but just in case: — (Where I saw it first; didn’t know how to link from FR)