cair.jpgRick Moran, Redstate, has evidently had his fill of CAIR whiing and crying:

The sound is grating to the ears. Whenever there is the slightest opportunity to piggyback a grievance – either real or imagined – on a story that will guarantee a few precious lines of copy in newspapers or a few seconds of face time on television, the Council on American Islamic Relations will turn on the whine and, like a fingernail being drawn slowly across the surface of a blackboard, draw attention to themselves in the most excruciating manner possible

Between Rick and the picture, it pretty much says it all.

Update:   Pam, a.k.a. Atlas, as if she was reading my mind, notes  how CAIR plays the victim card, complete with a Bill O’Reilly video clip:

Watch how CAIR plays the victimology card, clubbing free speech and artistic freedom like a baby seal. Check out the code words like “desensitized,”  “torture freely,” “placing minority groups in detention centers,” “islamophobia” blah blah blah (islamophobia, islamoshmobia – Mark Steyn in his brilliant opus, America Alone, exposes how shrewdly the Islamists and their leftist enablers exploit the victimology behind “Islamophobia, ” click here.)

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One Response to “CAIR Speaks Out Again.”

  1. But let’s examine why they’re doing this; they’re doing it because it works… And history bears this out.  America has a long history of bending over forward to anyone who has a complaint… to such whining groups, which then gives birth to more whining, From everyone who has something to gain by it. 

    And of course, our own left, can be depended upon to take them all, with the utmost seriousness.  Most particularly, they can be depended upon to take the claims most destructive to America, as our only salvation.