Ted Kennedy 

(H/T photo:  Rush Limbaugh

The Boston Herald offers an over wrought headline, “Kennedy guns blazing over Iraq:”

President Bush and Sen. Edward M. Kennedy could be on a constitutional collision course over the Iraq war, as the Republican commander in chief pushes a troop surge while the Bay State Democratic powerhouse musters all his political strength to scuttle the plan in Congress.

Only in the bay state could a single United States senator be seen as the constitutional or political equivilant of the President.    In a battle between one senator and the President the senator loses.   The presidency is a constitutional office with constitutional power.   In contrast, Kennedy is but one senator.  As a senator, Kennedy hold no power but one vote in a hundred.  The constitution power resides not in Kennedy but in the Senate and Congress as a whole.

If you read the article, you will find that Kennedy does not have the backing of Congress.  So it matters very little what Kennedy wants or demands.   For further commentary, read my Mark Levin post.

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