Follow me on this one.  Sticking his foot ever so deeply into  his mouth, Joe Biden said:

“I mean, you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a story-book, man,”

Biden says he apologized to Barack Obama:

“This is a guy who’s come along in a way that’s captured the imagination of the country in a way that no one else has. That was the point of everything I was saying,”

For his part Obama claims to to accepted Biden’s apology:

“I didn’t take Sen. Biden’s comments personally, but obviously they were historically inaccurate,” Obama said. “African-American presidential candidates like Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisholm, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton gave a voice to many important issues through their campaigns, and no one would call them inarticulate.”

Now in review, Biden calls Obama, “articulate and bright and clean.”    Obama in turns says that but, “Jesse Jackson, Shirley Chisholm, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton” were articulate.   Well I give the senator three out four.  But what of bright and clean?.    Is Obama saying that Jackson, Chisholm, Moseley Braun and Sharpton were not clean?   I think the senator is on to something.

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