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Art Buchwald: JIP* (Age 81)

Art Buchwald 

 The Associated Press [1] has reported:

WASHINGTON – Columnist Art Buchwald, who chronicled the life and times of Washington with an infectious wit for over four decades and endeared himself to many with his never-say-die battle with failing kidneys, is dead at 81.

We all gotta go.  I like the way that Art went, smiling.

*Jest in Peace

(H/T photo:  Washington Post [2] )



David and I must have been posting at the same time, we both had a post on this topic up within seconds of each other. I’ll invoke editor’s right, and combine the two posts;

Here’s a man who was sent to a hospice to die, finally got tired of waiting, and checked himself out, and wrote a book about the experience.


Interesting that James at OTB [3] quotes him as remarking…

 “Every time you think television has hit its lowest ebb, a new program comes along to make you wonder where you thought the ebb was.”

… given my comments this morning on “American Idol”, you may gather we were of like mind, here.

Fortune smiles on us that we still have his printed and recorded wit.