Alicia Colon, in the Sun(NY), picks on, or better yet picks apart, Terry McAuliffe’s inane analogy of Mrs. Clinton with Lady Thatcher. 

Now a Times of London article is trying to portray Mrs. Clinton as a tough, Margaret Thatcher type, which explains why our senator has been perfecting her hawkish demeanor. She knows that America is definitely ready for a woman president, but only one like Prime Minister Thatcher or the late Jeane Kirkpatrick. Unfortunately, Mrs. Clinton’s colleagues may be unconsciously sabotaging her ambition to become the American Thatcher.

I second Ms Colon’s question:

President Clinton was in the White House during that “Black Hawk Down” tragedy, and I wonder how much influence the “co-president” Mrs. Clinton had in denying our Rangers the support they needed.

The Clinton did not stand up for the country during their eight year tenure in office.  Having failed to defend the nation for eight years, what reason can Mrs. Clinton give to let believe us she ever will?

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