Northwest AIrlines 787, file photo from their websiteSo now, I see that the ACLU has decided to get involved in the case of about 40 Muslim individuals from Detroit who were not allowed to board a plane in Frankfurt, Germany.  The Muslims, of course, charge racial profiling.  As we have discussed here before, race has nothing to do with it.

In any event, I see that there is some talk of Muslims mounting some kind of boycott action against Northwest.  Well, let’s consider the ramifications of that happening, shall we?

First, and foremost, is the idea that Northwest’s insurance rates will subsequent to that action, plummet.  Insurance, after all, is a game of statistics.  As Ann Coulter and several others have famously pointed out, recently, there have been no suicide bombings involving American planes, within the last twenty years, that did not involve radical Muslims.  None.

On that point alone, statistically speaking, their chances of being blown out of the sky has just been cut on an order of scale.  Their insurance payments will likely follow suit.
Travelers, similarly, play the odds.  When they see this self imposed Muslim ban on Northwest flights, they will, unquestionably, make it a point to fly in Northwest, if for no other reason than their own safety. As such, the increase in ridership from people seeking their own safety, and who are tired of the PC nonsense involving “profiling” will more than make up for any losses incurred by Muslims finding other airlines.

There are many other reasons, I suppose, but I think it can be fairly said that northwest airlines is not wringing its hands and sweating over the threat of a Muslim boycott of their airplanes.

Finally, let’s discuss the ACLU, shall we?  I asked a while ago a question; “whose side are they on ?”

I suspect that for most Americans, that question has been answered.  The nice part is, I didn’t have to say word one about it. and the upshot of that action, I suspect, will be a dramatic drop in the rolls of ACLU contributors. Which to my mind, can’t happen fast enough.