John at Powerline this morning, raises an couple excellent questions. He points to the case of one Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi, who is…

 an Iranian teenager who was sentenced to be hanged for murder by an Iranian court. I had been unaware of her case until I read about it in the Power Line Forum last night. According to her account, Nazanin was with her sixteen-yeare-old niece and their two boyfriends when they were approached by three men who tried to rape them. The boyfriends fled, and Nazanin defended herself with a knife she carried in her purse. She stabbed one of the men, who later died.

In response, he questions why we’ve not seen more American Muslims objecting. Keith Elison for example.

One would think that just about anyone, in this country, anyway, would oppose a teenaged girl’s being hanged for an act of self-defense. Yet, among those who raised a hue and cry about Saddam Hussein being “taunted” before being hanged for the murders of thousands, there has been a strange silence about Nazanin’s case. It is a bit troubling that so far, all of the liberals who have weighed in at the Forum have been hostile to the idea of asking Ellison and CAIR to use their influence on Nazanin’s behalf. Why is this, exactly?

Yes, why, indeed.

John’s point is spot on… the lack of objection to this travisty from Muslims outside the middle east, exposes the cries of foul as regards the taunting Saddam got at his execution, to be lies.

I recognize that there’s a difference in culture, here, but that’s part of my point… these points show us clearly what our enemy is like. And would I be out of line for casting a suspicious eye toward those here in the west, who don’t object loudly to the execution of a young rape victim?

The political types here in the west, who are Muslims  aside… Where are the Muslim rank and file on this, here in the west? There seems a stony consistancy to the silence being heard from all corners of Islam on this one.

Every once in a while, in every conflict, the enemy breifly shows his face.

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