davidl on January 21st, 2007

Former DNC chairman, and full time Clinton stooge, Terry McAuliffe dared to compare Mrs. Clinton to Maggie Thatcher. “Their policies are totally different but they are both perceived as very tough,” said Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s campaign chairman. “She is strong on foreign policy. People have got to know you are going to keep them safe.”   […]

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Eric Florack on January 21st, 2007

I’ve been watching a goodly chunk of the hype coming out of Microsoft, of late, over the next generation operating system called “Vista”.  Given the flea circus at the first couple of generations of betas generally are, I haven’t been watching all that closely.  I simply haven’t the time. However, one discussion that’s come up […]

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davidl on January 21st, 2007

Sister Toldjah does a nice compare and contrast between the MSM handling of Mrs. Clinton’s announcement and that of Sam Brownback’s: The mediots are in full support mode today after Hillary Clinton’s announcement that she will seek the Democratic nomination for president, on the same day that Kansas Republican Senator Sam Brownback announced that he […]

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