ABC News’ David Chalian Reports: As Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton continues to assess a possible presidential candidacy and the contours of a Democratic nomination fight, she has taken another step away from her 2002 vote authorizing President Bush to attack Iraq by saying that she “wouldn’t have voted that way” if she knew everything she knows now.

Like,for example, that she was going to run, and the far left would be giving her heat over it.

Look… I”m sorry, I just don’t see that she’s learnied all that much, then to now.

hillarysm.jpgDenying that her vote then was the right thing to do, aside from that denial being the wrong thing morally to do.. (What hold do morals have on this woman, after all?) … is not exactly political cover, except for those alone among the far left.  I grant you, that the far left is the first hurdle she’s got to go over given the primary structure.  But it does strike me that she’s going to have a larger hurdle to get over with the general election , at which point she’s going to have to backtrack on her placating the far left.

At this stage of the game, were this anyone else, I would be asking questions like “why doesn’t she just tell the truth?”.  The problem is, I don’t think she knows what that is.  Or, cares, for that matter.

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