James Joyner this morning, notes that Glenn Greenwald has finally got the message:

Rahm Emanuel Lied About Mark Foley Scandal

Glenn Greenwald examines the evidence and finds that Rahm Emanuel lied when he told George Stephanoupolous that he was not aware of the Mark Foley emails before they ABC News’ Brian Ross broke the story, making him “guilty of exactly what he was accusing the GOP House Leadership of. And his hypocritical, pious lectures about the ‘warning signs’ which GOP Leaders had were dishonest at their core.” That’s exactly right, although he’s also right that this does not mitigate the malfeasance on part of Hastert and company.

As I told James, several days ago, however; there’s one major reason that the democrats didn’t blow the whistle on Foley, in spite of knowing what was going on:

The answer can only be that their method of obtaining said documents, would be discovered. If I recall correctly, there was an awful lot in the way of document leakage from one side of the house to the other this last time around. It was said, that this was one of the reasons that the republicans were less effective than they might have been.

In short, they got the goods on Foley, by illicit means… Means they didn’t want to lose the advantage of. In short, their political advantage, was worth more to them than ‘saving the children’.

Welcome to the world with the Democrats in power.