CARACAS, Venezuela —AP– Emboldened by a resounding re-election, President Hugo Chavez pledged to shake up Venezuela with a more radical version of socialism and forge a wider front against the United States in Latin America.

Opposition contender Manuel Rosales accepted defeat Sunday night, but promised to continue countering a leader whom he accuses of becoming increasingly authoritarian.

Well, we’ve already discussed the accuracy of… or more correctly, the inaccuracy of AP reports recently.  Blue Crab Bvd notes problems, however:

Massive amounts of conflicting information coming out of Venezuela right now about the election. (T)Hugo’s reliable major media is dutifully reporting the official government line that Chavez is winning. Other sources say not so fast. Publius Pundit has pictures. Fausta has some technical problems with a podcast, but has valuable links. Telemundo was suddenly shut down by Chavez thugs and prohibited from broadcasting about the elections (If that isn’t a sign that Chavez is in trouble, I don’t know what is). Last link via Instapundit.

Update: Blue Crab now reports Rosales has conceded but notes:

Chavez says he would convene a commission upon re-election to propose constitutional reforms, likely including an end to presidential term limits. Current law prevents him from running again in 2012.

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