I’m not much of a television watcher anymore.  I’ll watch football and poker, cartoons with the little one, and if I am in the mood I might flip through the channels and watch Discovery, Speed or the History (or Military) Channels.  Last night after getting the little one to bed and playing a little football on the 360, I came upstairs while my wife was watching the remaining 20 minutes of Part II of The Lost Room.  I had seen some trailers last week and earlier last night I caught about 5 minutes of Part I and it seemed interesting.

After watching the last 20 minutes of Part II, I had to watch the first 30 minutes of Part II that played as an encore presentation.  I finally had to tear myself away and make myself get ready for bed.  Part II is replaying tonight at 7pm and Part III, which I believe is the final part, comes on at 9pm.  I’ll update tomorrow or Friday about the show, but if you are interested you can visit here to learn more.

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