Boortz, the other night:

Moving on now to Warwick, New York.  The local government elementary school wanted to raise a little money, so they set up an event called “Breakfast with Santa.”  Well, sure enough, some parent complained.  Some woman (you could have guessed that, right?) wrote the school board to complain that Santa was a religious figure and that the school was promoting a religion by having the breakfast.  It took no time at all for the school officials to cave, and what we now have is a “Winter Wonderland Breakfast” and Frosty the Snowman is going to join the event.

If Neal was really sharp about this, he’d have had a contest.  The object of the contest was figuring out who was the bigger fool; the woman place in the complaint, or the school board president caving to it.  Not so very long ago I would have asked a question that is doubtless on the tounge of nearly all who read this: Has it really come to this?

But, if you look closely you may notice I’m not asking.  The reason is, for afraid I already know the answer. 


One Response to “Santa Falls Victim to Someone’s Idea of Separation of Church And State. ”

  1. HAH! Is Santa in the Bible?