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Julie Bosman and Richard Siklos of the New York Times are reporting, “Rupert Murdoch personally ordered the dismissal of Judith Regan.”

This one looks to be getting interesting.

Update:  I am sure Bit will enjoy this.  Greg Tinti, at The Poltical Pit Bull, fleshs out the story  and offers a nice summary:

A fitting end, for sure. And it’s just like my mom always said: if you sign a book deal with a suspected murderer speculating about how he killed would have killed his victims if he did it, appall the entire nation, and then scream epithets at your Jewish lawyers, you’re probably going to get fired.

Tinti provides the details which Drudge teased but did not provide.

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One Response to “Rupert to Judith: You’re Fired!”

  1. Well, I don’t find that a shock at all.
    Murdoch is a businessman, first foremost, and always. Regan became a glaring liability.