SANTIAGO, Chile -AP- Gen. Augusto Pinochet, who overthrew Chile’s democratically elected Marxist president in a bloody coup and ruled this Andean nation for 17 years, died today, dashing hopes of victims of his regime’s abuses that he would be brought to justice. He was 91.

Pinochet suffered a heart attack a week ago and underwent an angioplasty, and the brief announcement by the Santiago Military hospital said his condition worsened suddenly on Sunday. Dr. Juan Ignacio Vergara, spokesman for the medical team that had been treating him, said his family was with him when he died.

The second sadist part of this, is he never faced, at least while on this earth, justice for his crimes.  The truly sadist part of this, is that he still had supporters both in his own country, and sadder still, in this one.

Let’s see if Jimmy Carter shows up to the funeral, for example.

And just a passing thought; Is there a connection that we can put our finger on that ties continuing support for  Pinochet, and for, say , Bill Clinton… or more recently, a  Rep. William Jefferson,  as another example? What causes leftists to continue to support proven criminals?

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