The poltically sensitive preach that it somehow wrong to be judgemental.  To which  Is say – bull!  A civilizied man must be judgemental, openly and proudly.

The politically sensitive preach that all cultures are somehow equal.  That we should accept other cultures and shun passing value judgements.   Consider this story from the The Australisn, “India killing off girl babies:”

INDIA’S female population is in steady decline, with parents continuing to kill off their baby girls before or just after birth, a report has found.

Described as “the shame of modern India” – particularly at a time of booming economic growth and increasing literacy – the decline is attributed to misuse of prenatal diagnostic techniques and a consequent increase in cases of female feticide.

Does it bother you that human beings are being killed simply by virtue of the fact they are female?  If so, welcome the world of the poltically incorrect.

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