So I sit down with a little coffee, and begin to look at the world around me this chilly December night:

So now, Congress is going from a three day workweek to a five day workweek.  I’m quite sure the Democrats figure that that’s going to make them look hard working.  However, it should be noted that a hard-working government, generally speaking, is also more intrusive.  Thereby, I can’t regard a five day workweek in Congress, as a good thing.


The evidence seems pretty clear, that there is running water on Mars.  Granted, that it’s awfully cold and dry on the surface of Mars, and the water evaporated quite quickly after being exposed to the Martian environment.  That, of itself, suggests that the water is below ground.  Now since it’s generally accepted that you need water to sustain life as we know it, it would seem that one more domino in the argument against life being elsewhere in space, has just fallen.

There are some, who will question whether or not the position of creationists will have to be changed.  But I don’t think so.  The existence of life elsewhere, changes nothing about whether not that life was created.

Why is it that so many nonbelievers are so interested in proselytizing their non belief?  Why, you would almost think it was a religion of itself.


I notice the James Taranto of the wall street journal’s opinion page, is linking to a Washington post report which suggests that the Iraqis at all that impressed by the work of the Iraq Surrender Group.  Otherwise known as the “Iraq Study Group”.  Says WaPo:

Iraqi politicians and analysts . . . said the report is a recipe, backed by threats and disincentives, that neither addresses nor understands the complex forces that fuel Iraq’s woes. They described it as a strategy largely to help U.S. troops return home and resurrect America’s frayed influence in the Middle East.

Iraqis also expressed fear that the report’s recommendations, if implemented, could weaken an already besieged government in a country teetering on the edge of civil war.

“It is a report to solve American problems, and not to solve Iraq’s problems,” said Ayad al-Sammarai, an influential Sunni Muslim politician. . . .

“If the Iraqi government does not make substantial progress toward the achievement of milestones on national reconciliation, security, and governance, the United States should reduce its political, military, or economic support for the Iraqi government,” the report’s executive summary says.

For some Iraqis, the statement suggested that the report’s authors did not grasp, or refused to acknowledge, the diverse ambitions, rivalries and weaknesses that plague the government. The Kurds have dreams of creating an independent state. The Sunnis appear leaderless, yet seek a political voice. The Shiites are riven by feuds. There are disagreements over partitioning Iraq, over whether to restore members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party to their old jobs, over whether amnesty should be given to opponents of the government and the U.S. occupation.

At the bottom line, the only ones that are really impressed with the Iraq Study Group and its work, is the Iraq Study Group and the Democrats… and Al Quieda. It’s not even playing well in mainstream America.


I made a comment a couple of nights ago about my desire to pick up a diesel truck.  It turns out, that there’s an awful lot of interest and diesel power these days.  More than I was aware of.  A recent report in the Detroit news backs this one up.  To make matters even more confusing for the enviro-whackjobs, the biggest interest and diesel is coming from European companies, where diesel is pretty much status quo.  It’s a confusing time to be a greenie, I suppose.  But as I said several months ago, forget all that nonsense, I go for what works.

What I say what works, vs what is politically correct, let me give you a prime example; Ford Expedition

This truck is the traditional enemy of greenies everywhere.  the Ford Expedition.  Basically it’s a pickup truck with a suburban body over the top of it.  The usual suspects complained that it was a gas hog… getting around 12 to 15 to the gallon. But this particular one, has a 7L Diesel in it.  And it gets, on over the road situations, (are you ready?) around 25 to the gallon.

Now, if they were still making these, I’d buy one, new, in a heartbeat.  They’re not. So, I’m forced to the next best config.Ford F-250

This one, by all the reports I’m seeing, gets pretty much the same MPG. … 25 on the road. Not so bad. Enough room for the family, and enough torque to tow the 5000lb camper trailer well, it’s comfortable, stable, and will survive an accident better than just about anything on the road. And what’s better, is I’ll be able to drive the environmental nazis absolutely crazy, in the process.

(Raises hand) Yeah, I can do that.

Now, I think I should point out that I’m also looking seriously at Dodge and GM products where they offer high output diesels.  These photographs that I’m showing you are just a couple that I’ve ripped off at Ebay.

I think I should also point out, that there are no foreign made vehicles in my “to be examined” list.  The reason?  Only recently have they get big enough to handle the 5000lb. tow package, and none of them are diesel equipped.  Perhaps in a few years the get the message.  But I doubt it.


(Courtesy of Doctor Fun)


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