Well, my Christmas shopping is complete.  It would appear that I have a little less to worry about in terms of having to run up to the store and fight the crowds.  Having completed all of that, however, I am left with one overwhelming feeling ; I’m tired.  Put another way; did anyone see the license plate of that truck?

You can understand that this one isn’t going to be overly long this evening.  I usually take a while and look around the neighborhood to see what’s going on, and comment on it.  Trouble is, that requires keeping your eyes open.


McQ notes:

Since we often hear it said that moderate muslims need to step forward at certain times, an example of that happening is always welcome and should be highlighted

Quite correct.

And yet I wonder what the limitations of that empathy are.  Do the people lighting candles there, agree that Israel has a right to exist?  Are they willing to take action to that end? Do they agree that the 50 years of war against Israel has been unjust?  Would they agree that what is being done in the name of Islam in the middle east today, is out of line and must be stopped?  Would they be willing to call for the ouster of the current regime in Iran?  Would they be willing to take action to that effect?

You see therein lies the problem; there’s a major difference between going through the motions, actually getting in there and doing the deeds.

Put another way; I have often said, “Those who tolerate everything stands for nothing.  What do you stand for?”  in this context, that question comes down to what you tolerate, revealing what your true inner thoughts are; what your goals really are.

These people may actually come out and surprise me by coming down on the proper side of the questions I’ve asked, here.  And no one, in that circumstance, will be more pleased to say I’ve misread them. but I don’t think I have, and even for those holding out more hope than I on this point, I suspect it’s gonna take a lot of convincing and a lot of action to get us to that point.

Hoboken Mike, a reader at Q&O, raises an important point, too, about numbers.

It’s just a shame that this is rare enough to be newsworthy.

Even assuming that we were dealing with people who were willing to come down on the right side of the questions I’ve asked, here, will those rare events , will those small numbers, be enough to turn the situation?


Hey, Billy; You got one of those, too?

That’s OK. I didn’t know I had until I checked my spam filter, a couple days ago.
What’s funny is, he told me he’d read my Blogspot site… which has been down for weeks, now. No question but that this guy is automated…. and I’ve added his mail server to my spam sheets.

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