I’m fuming tonight, as I write this. Granted, that I am overtired this evening, and so probably more than a little bit cranky.  But this stuff really has me annoyed.  As such it’ll be the only thing in this evening’s “Ramble”.
Yesterday, we awoke to the news that the immigration and customs enforcement department raided meat packing plants in six different states.  According to the reports I saw, and the ones you saw may actually have read differently, these people were arrested mostly on identity theft charges. The raid , by my understanding was large, indeed; something like a thousand or so agents were involved in these arrests.  The investigation leading up to these arrest took about a year.

I’d like you think about the implications involved here.  We’ve been hearing an awful lot these last couple of years about identity theft; much of its surrounding the issues of computer use, but not all of it.  I don’t think I have to go into long dissertation about what is involved in identity theft and recovering from it. So we should normally be pleased that enforcement is happening.
Well, most of us…. This morning, we see the reaction from the usual bleeding hearts….  We see certain groups from the catholic church complaining that this is unfair to the “immigrants” , that we’re not being humane.  (Which I suppose, means that the people whose identity was stolen, we’re not victimized by these criminals ) and the usual open borders crowd started in with their usual mantra sometime during the night, releasing press statements and flooding the Internet with commentary.

Even the unions, which are unquestionably dominated by last winter’s, are getting into the act.  The union representing the workers over its swift are in Federal court as of this morning trying to get an injunction against the raids.  The union there is asking about violations of the illegals civil rights.  This from people who are formed into a group which was ostensibly to protect the rights of the American worker.  Think about that for a minute.  Tell me again, how the unions are for the worker first and for left wing politics second.  If it’s not left wing politics at their involved with, could it be that these unions were in collusion with the owners as regards the legal status of these workers?  At the very least the union is guilty of malfeasance as regards representing its American work force.

In any event, the complaints from these regulars appears to be having its effect; first of all the illegals that were arrested are apparently not going to be deported automatically, rather there going to be allowed to stay here on our dime one presumes, whilst their cases are educated through the system.  With my limited understanding of the system, that could take up words of another year possibly two.

But one thing that I haven’t seen come up, is arrests of the people who were employing these illegals…these criminals.  I am seeing nothing in any of the articles I have read that suggests that those who employed these illegals are going to be arrested, fined, or anything of this sort.  In my opinion the arrest of the employers, and serious fines, should have been an automatic.

So let me see here.  We had a big show of force, arresting the whole bunch of illegal alien workers at me plants.  They’re not being deported immediately.  They get to stay here and we get to pay for it while we’re on this through the courts and various pleas for sympathy from various quarters occur.  Meantime those who were hiring them, and paying them, aren’t being fined and arrested and run out of business.  And the unions, which are supposed to be protecting the rights of the workers these people are taking jobs from, which is to say American workers, are defending the illegals.

Go ahead.  Tell me again how seriously we’re taking illegal immigration.


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