This evening I’m going to take the time did you do this year to one of seven animal co-inhabitants of Casa De Bit.  Ray.

Ray belongs to Donna, my wife.  Wait, scratch that.

Donna belongs to Ray the cat, who, in turn, tolerates me.


In this photograph, Ray is spreading Christmas cheer the only way he knows how.  He’s sleeping.  Yes, he has all four paws in the air. This does not indicate that Ray has passed on to that great litterbox in the sky, despite his total lack of movement. Rather, it indicates Ray is totally at home in his environment, and totally relaxed.  This is a state that will immediately shift to high alert, if the cupboard where the cat food is kept is opened for any reason.

The Santa in the picture, is one that my wife was given when she was three or four years old.  She has a tendency to put him in lesser used chairs around Christmastime.  I’ve never questioned why, thinking it rather cute.  But when I saw Ray snuggling up against him, I knew I had to break out the camera.

Truth be told, Raymond snuggles up against everybody.

And everything.

Including the dog.

The dog, for her part, can’t quite seem to get the body language correct.  And Ray spooks every once in awhile, as a result. But for the most part, they get along just fine thank you very much.  On cold days, I’ve even seen them snuggled up together, in the dogs bed….  Which, I’m sure, Ray thinks of as his and out on loan to her.

Speaking of ownership of the bed, he thinks the bed where my wife and I sleep, is also his.  Which, not to be to indelicate about this, can make for some interesting situations when we’d like to pay attention to each other.  Confused meowing is sure to be heard in that situation.

Raymond was a stray.  We obtained a met the local animal shelter.  He’s turned into a member of the family.  The only thing that he does not do well is travel. That’s sad, because that’s something we do quite a bit of.

I’ll introduce you to the other cats, and to the dog eventually.

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