noose1.jpgSo, where’s the betting pool for exactly when Saddam Hussein gets to wear his new necktie?

And before you anti-death penalty nut cases start getting ramped up, (Yes, that’s what I said….) as far as I’m concerned Saddam Hussein disproves your pet theories about how cruel and inhumane the death penalty is.  There, certainly, if anywhere, lies the proof of the concept. Regardless of how you slice it, this animal’s death, will be a major victory in terms of the reconstruction of Iraq.

Of course, he’s trying to spin this his way….  He released an open letter on Wednesday that said he’d go to the gallows as a “sacrifice” though a sacrifice to WHAT, he doesn’t specify… and called on his erstwhile countrymen to unite against their enemy.  Well, gee, Saddam, seems to me, they’ve already done that. Apparently it seems the same way to a number of Iraqis who are signing up for the privilege of being your executioner.

Ace, who I find myself reading quite a bit of lately, points up something rather amusing;

… an Italian Senator says “A democracy cannot be established with hanging.” After the jump, Italian fascist Benito Mussoli offers his thoughts.

And the catch here, is that Mussolini, was being hung by his heels at the time, to which Ace provides rather graphic evidence, and thus also providing evidence of just how the Italian democracy got started. Its always amazing how far these people are, from reality. It would have been interesting to watch the reaction to such a reminder.
One of Ace’s readers provides the suggestion that instead of using ropes, perhaps they should use pig intestine to hang the bastard.  A worthy suggestion, but only if he KNOWS what it is he’s being hung with.
And yes, America, I call that justice. The sad part of that is, that the pigs will never know the kind of public service they have performed.

I was going to have a comment about Gerry Ford in this Ramble, but I’ve decided against it, having said what I wanted to say on the subject earlier today, as an addendum to David’s post.


More snow apparently for the ranges of Colorado,(video) where they’ve already had quite a bit of it.  Good. The skiers can use it.  Not that the folks around here couldn’t use it as well, the ski areas hereabouts are in a real hurt at the moment.  But before we start blaming global warming, you might wanna give this a listen. (WuMP, Sorry)

Supposed to be snowing around here this weekend, by the way, which likely nixes our annual Niagara Falls trip. (Shrug). Figures. Of course, if you listen to that WuMP feed, you’ll hear we’re supposed to be up against it around Valentine’s day, anyway. Donnas been complaining she got the Escape for the snow we get around here, usually. She’s not had the chance to try it out, yet.

I’m playing with a double… or even triple theme arrangement for this blog. You can skin the thing. It works OK, but there’s a few things I’ve gotta nail down first. Perhaps this weekend, since I’m likely not leaving town.


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