Twas the Friday before Christmas and all through the town,

The entire population was considering how best not to drown.

It’s raining like crazy outside, right now, and has been all day.  Rochester finds itself on the northern end of a 2000 mile long storm.  There’s snow behind it, the weather novel make it here before warming up, who knows? Strange to hear the sump pump going this time of year.  But, the area’s, that’s all we’ve had all month; rain, and 45 degrees. Makes keeping the Christmas lights burning a little troublesome, if you gotta keep the water out of the wiring.


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Why is anyone taking John McCain seriously?  All one really has to do is look at the name Keating, to show clearly the guy is easily defeated by his own history.  Come to think of it, maybe the allegations over all of them were why he spent the last several years kissing Russ Feingold’s backside. Interesting, now, how the whole thing is starting to melt away in the courts.


 But that’s just IT, Billy...

Dogs, for the most part never DO learn to be cool about anything, even the ones who live longer. Our dog…A mixed breed, a Genuine American Whodunit, is quite gray on the muzzle, these days.  We raised her from a pup, when we first bought this place.  And, perhaps that’s why, but she’s never learn to chill out about much of anything.  Still a lot of puppy in that old girl.  Still loves being on the road, still loves camping, still loves romping around the yard, is protective as hell of Donna and the boys, and will often get playful with me at the weirdest of times. I welcome those times, and will never turn her down, because I’ve begun recently to suspect that when the puppy goes away, the dog won’t be far behind.

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