(H/T photo: Washington Pox )

Lo and behold, it seems like that Mrs. Pelosi hand picked chairman for the House Intelligence Committee needs a crash course in intelligence.  Bill Faith, of Bill’s Bites reports on “Intelligence? Un pocito:”

Nancy Pelosi has struggled through a headache of her own making ever since tossing Jane Harman out of the House Intelligence Committee chair. She attempted to place Alcee Hastings into the slot, even though Hastings got impeached from the federal bench for corruption in the late 1980s. When her caucus rebelled, she instead selected Silvestre Reyes, who surprised the caucus with his support of an expanded US presence in Iraq. Now, according to CQ’s Jeff Stein, Reyes has little understanding of America’s explicit enemy in the war on terror:

Can somebody, anybody, buy Mrs. Pelosi a clue.

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