kate2.jpgKate, of Small Dead Animals, says of Fidel Castro, “He’s dead.”  It is speculation, but it is reasoned speculation.  If Castro is alive Cuba is sure gong to great effort to hide him from public view.  I am sure Jimmy Carter will be heartbroken.  Most decent human beings will likely feel otherwise.

(H/T: Michelle Malkin )

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One Response to “Kate on Castro: He’s Dead”

  1. Kate is likely correct.  Castro is most likely dead.  Or, if he isn’t dead yet, he will be soon.  And I will enjoy dancing on his grave as much as one would expect… a joy surpassed only in doing the same for the aforementioned Jimmy Carter.

    However, practicality rears it’s head. The question to us now, becomes whether or not his death makes a difference to us from that practical perspective.  I would say, the Castro hasn’t been in charge directly if anything for quite some time away to as health concerns.  That means that his brother role is running things.  And has been, again, for quite some time. 

    On that basis, are we about to see policy changes within Cuba, or between Cuba and the rest of the world?  I would tend to doubt it, at least in the short term.