Looking around this morning, I notice that Captain Ed is linking a story reporting that Judith Regan has finally gotten her comeuppance. Regan is one of those people who made think that nobody would be willing to defend. Yet, in the very first comment at CQ, that assumption is blown out of the water.

I notice also that defense takes on the very same tenor that defenders of Hillary Clinton use. I suppose that I’ve never thought of the two of them being similar in any way. But the more I think on it, with the reports we’ve heard from observers of Hillary Clinton over the years, and the reports that we’ve been seeing on Regan herself, there appears to be something to the comparison.

As the ABC article that Ed links, notes:

An industry force since the 1980s, when she produced best-sellers by Drew Barrymore and Kathie Lee Gifford for Simon & Schuster, Regan has been labeled a “foul-mouthed tyrant” and the “enfant terrible of American publishing.” She is also widely envied if not admired for her gift of attracting attention to her books and to herself.

Yeah, there might be something to that comparison, after all.


One Response to “Judith Regan Gets Canned”

  1. There is a major difference between Judith Regan and Mrs. Hillary Clinton. Regan’s success, of which she had plenty, as came from a resuit her own hard work and not a result of being married to her husband. Like Regan or not, she is self made woman. Mrs. Clinton can make no such claim, but she craves it so. Regan is smart and successfull. Mrs. Clinton only feigns both.