kerry_wavysalute.jpgYou know what authentic means, in the liberal context? An authentic person is a person who can not be questioned. Cindy Sheehan is a nitwit. She also lost her son in Iraq. Because Sheehan is liberal moonbat, the MSM clamors that we must accept Sheehan’s view because she is authentic.

Well if being a Gold Star Mother, losing a child in combat, make a mother authentic, then Debra Bastian is also authentic. Bastain too lost her son in Iraq. Whereas the media fawns over Sheehan because her anti war views fit the media’s agenda, the same media largely ignores Bastian. Why?

Bastain has not taken to bashing the President George W. Bush, as Sheehan, but rather Bastian has leveled her sights on John Kerry and blasted him. Bastian says of Kerry,

‘”This man is a disgrace. He should be shunned by those serving in Iraq. He is not their friend. They [the soldiers] should not be forced to pose for pictures with Kerry the way they did when Sen. Hillary Clinton visited Iraq,”

Jim Kouri reports on Bastian’s blast, here.

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